Case Study: DID Electrical


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  1. Current Platform: Magento
  2. Services Provided: Ecommerce Platform, Design, ERP Integration, Omnichannel, B2B Micro-Site


DID Electrical has 23 stores located nationwide, are 100% Irish-owned and have been meeting the needs of its customers since 1968.

They know their customers have busy lives, so made shopping easier. Offering a nationwide delivery service and free click & collect that allows customers to order online and pick up their items in their local DID Electrical store. DID Electrical also provide a professional installation service to ensure your appliances are installed hassle-free and to the highest standards.

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Feature Case Study: Custom Integrations, Omnichannel, and B2B

The DID Electrical website is a large-scale, high-growth site with a number of bespoke elements. The site was originally built on the Buy4Now platform, and we built the Magento version in a record time of six weeks in 2012. The site features an integration with the company’s custom ERP system to manage product information, pricing, and stock levels. We added an omnichannel approach, in the shape of a click and collect option, which proved enormously popular. This feature included an estimated collection time based on an algorithm incorporating delivery schedules to the stores nationwide.

In 2017, we built a B2B mini-site for the Office of Government Procurement which requires a login by an authorised customer, has a tailored catalogue, has its own pricing integration including tiered pricing for bulk purchasing and specific discounts, and has a bespoke set of payment methods including an additional discount for government credit cards.

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