Black Friday Guide – Gift Guides & Cyber Monday

Create a Black Friday Gift Guide

Use your Blog to create a Gift Guide, or better yet, a series of posts

A blog is an ideal way to promote a gift guide as it can be easily shared through social media. See it as your chance to provide expert advice on the products you sell. Use features like image galleries and embedded products and provide lots of links to your sale categories and landing page.

Landing Page Gift Guide

Some ecommerce sites don’t have an integrated blog, but that shouldn’t hold you back. Add a content section for the gift guide to your landing page or even your homepage.

What Should a Gift Guide Include?

Black Friday sales can be overwhelming for customers, so break your gift guide into categories that your demographic would appreciate. For example: ‘Black Friday Gifts for Her’ or ‘Black Friday Gifts Under €10’. See it as an opportunity to curate a list of your most popular products and categories.

Don’t Forget About Cyber Monday

It’s a mistake to focus on Black Friday and to overlook the importance of Cyber Monday (which initially began as the online version of black friday). We recommend developing a strategy and preparing for both.

Prepare Unique Graphics

Your cyber monday sale should have a different feel to distinguish it from your Black Friday sale. Consider creating unique banners and graphics and don’t shy away from approaching it with a sense of humor.

Offer Unique Discounts

Try to make Cyber Monday more appealing by offering unique discounts that you otherwise wouldn’t offer on Black Friday.