West Cork Homeless

I just set up a teeny tiny brochure site for West Cork Homeless and now I want to give it a small shove into the Search Engine’s spotlights.

The Tenancy Sustainment and Support Service is run by Novas Initiatives in partnership with Cork County Council and the HSE South. The TSS role is to aid people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. There are a number of Tenancy Support and Advice Clinics run as part of the service across West Cork.

Useful Services for Really Small Sites

This little New Year’s Eve job was done on a “favour for a good cause” basis, but I still wanted to provide some level of functionality in terms of Content Mangement and Contact Forms. Obviously our standard tool of choice when it comes to a CMS, Expression Engine, is too full-on and industrial strength for such a small job so I was in the unusual position of looking for a very small and handy CMS for the site. I quickly whittled the candidates down to Perch and CushyCMS.

Perch has the advantage of being run off your own server, is brandable, and is yours for a once-off small fee (35 GBP).

CushyCMS is also brandable for a monthly charge (29 USD), it does CMS via FTP so realistically there’s no set up, and if you don’t mind the CushyCMS branding (which in this case I didn’t) it’s free.

Otherwise, the two are relatively similar in how they operate: within the HTML you identify the regions of the site you want to edit and the system will allow your client / editor to edit them in a simple interface. In fairness, both systems would have been ideal for this job – but at no cost and no setup I decided to go for CushyCMS for this particular job. If I needed branding and management on the site’s own server, I would certainly have preferred to pay a once-off fee for Perch rather than the monthly charge for CushyCMS (although it should be noted that the monthly charge is for unlimited sites under your control).

For simple-to-setup (and free) forms I go for the incomparable and incredible powerful Wufoo. It’s pretty stunning what you can do with this service now, and in fairness we do have one or two clients who pay the monthly fee to Wufoo for the more advanced features – but if you need a simple form, with notifications (both to you and your client), as well as online storage of entries you really can’t beat Wufoo – a fantastic service.

Best wishes to West Cork Homeless and their new services and clinics.

Gerard Keohane
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