Welcome to our new extranet, StudioForty9 Hub!

StudioForty9 Hub will provide a platform for increased interaction between our team members and our partners. Forums and posts are available to ask questions and seek feedback. A Knowledge Base is available and will continue to grow to provide you with How Tos, Guides and soon video content.

Thanks to the team’s hard work, StudioForty9 Hub is now ready in time for our Customer Conference 2017 taking place on May 24th in Cork.

Let’s take a closer at how we hope StudioForty9 Hub will help: to begin with owing to the number of changes and updates that tend to occur week-to-week information can become difficult to find. We wanted to address this and create a single location where our partners know they can go to find an answer.

That’s where our extranet comes in, it will allow us to share information and ensure that common (and not so common) topics and questions are all easily located and searchable in one single location in our Knowledge Base.

Members will be able to interact discuss subjects related to ecommerce with each other and our team, within curated forums – we hope that this peer-to-peer sharing of knowledge will become a valuable resource to our community of customers.

Additional features include a contact our support team page, latest news and events.

We hope that the StudioForty9 Hub will allow you to build relationships with your fellow ecommerce professionals and peers and help further strengthen our relationships with you.

We are now looking forward to showing off our work during the Customer Conference and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

If you have any requests or recommendations, feel free to contact us at info@studioforty9.com

Baptiste Debever
Baptiste Debever |