Getting Started In E-Tail And E-Commerce

I was recently asked to give a presentation at E-Tail Excellence Ireland’s Digital Transformations event in Dublin. My task was to try, in 30 ┬áminutes, to share a bit of knowledge to retailers who were either going online for the first time or else looking to move up the scales with a new and better online store.

Writing the presentation gave me a good chance to think about the real basics of E-Commerce, about the things our clients tell us in the very first meeting and about how retailers do (or could) approach E-Tailing.

Some of the key parts are:

  • an example of a retailer going online for the first time
  • the formulae for forecasting turnover of a new online business
  • Open Source vs Saas, with an analogy of a pig and a pack of ham ­čÖé
  • market share of different platforms
  • three approaches to your customers going mobile