Ready for Black Friday & Cyber Monday? Some Tips to Help

Yesterday October 16th our partners Retail Excellence hosted an event at the Dogpatch Labs in Dublin to give guidance to their members and attending retailers on how to prepare and be ready for Cyber Week.

StudioForty9 was asked to present on how we work with our clients to make sure their teams, processes and sites are ready for the surge of users over the weekend. For those who don’t know Cyber Week is the period Black Friday (Last Friday in November, the day after Thanksgiving and traditionally the biggest shopping day in the US) across that weekend to Cyber Monday (This is a newer creation backed mostly by online to create a big online sales day). This year the dates to keep in mind are November 22nd-26th.

Our own Ted Robinson presented on the subject and I am happy to share the slides with you here.

Cyber Week Workshop – Oct 2018

Also here is our Blog from Cyber Week 2017 and the relevant stats. Gotta have those stats 🙂

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