My First Month at StudioForty9 & Design Trends

I’m coming up to the end of my first month here at StudioForty9 and these first 4 weeks have been both exciting and challenging. Since graduating in 2019 from DCU with a BSc in Multimedia I have worked in various graphic design positions and internships, which has led me to become a Junior Designer here at StudioForty9.

Since starting I have already learned so much about the e-commerce and marketing industry and the team has been so helpful and welcoming. So far I have worked closely with the marketing team and have designed email campaigns, social media graphics and web advertisements. I am also working under SF9’s senior designer who has given me great insight into design timelines/ projects and is teaching me more about the world of UI/ UX design. 


SF9 has trusted me to incorporate aspects of my own design style into our clients marketing material since day one. I am extremely interested in animation and illustration which has become a staple when I’m designing for our clients. The use of subtle animation is an easy and eye catching way to attract more customers to view your products or site. Below are some animated designs I have created for an Instagram story and email header:

Here is a great example of using subtle animation in their website header to show their products:

Custom Illustration:

Custom illustrations are also a great way to elevate your brand and ensure you stand out from the crowd. Using unique illustrations across your online platforms & for print/ marketing material creates a more memorable experience for your customers. Below are some great examples of custom illustration styles from Magnet Co. & Headspace:

I love the work I’ve gotten to do so far at SF9 and look forward to upskilling and getting to work alongside a great team on a variety of different projects in the future.

Georgia Gilroy
Georgia Gilroy |