My First 3 Months in StudioForty9 – Louise

The first 3 months of my role in StudioForty9 have been exciting and challenging. After completing a degree in web development I had very little e-commerce experience other than producing some brochure websites. Needless to say I was a little nervous before my first day in such a new role. After meeting the team however, I immediately began to feel more at ease as everyone was so welcoming and encouraging.

In the short time I’ve worked with StudioForty9 I’ve already gained a lot of experience and new skills. I have developed marketing attributes such as digital marketing, email campaigns, content production, acquisition, and retention. I’ve worked on a number of e-commerce performance services such as email campaigns, UX audits, user testing reports and AB tests. I’ve enjoyed the challenge of learning new skill sets in marketing and UX and have utilised my personal development time with some Udemy and Google Academy courses in these areas. Researching and learning new skills in these areas has been rewarding and essential to my role in the company.

Working with SF9’s senior UX/UI designer has given me a great insight into the workload and projects that are required in the e-commerce industry. I’ve worked alongside him creating marketing adverts, designing templates for email campaigns, carrying out UX audits and researching best techniques and standards for processes such as cart, checkout and newsletter signups.

StudioForty9 has given me a lot of trust from day one, and enabled me to upskill very quickly. I’ve already worked on over 10 projects and I’m just a little over 3 months into my role. My main focus over the past month has been a new Shopify website. This has been an exciting but challenging project where I’ve focused on areas such as design, development, marketing, data management, customer acquisition and retention.

I attended the Retail Excellence Ecommerce Conference last week where I met some of our clients, attended a variety of talks and liaised with other companies such as Nosto and our Shopware partners. For me the best thing about my role here in SF9 is that it brings something different every day and I get to work with a fantastic group of people.


Louise Jennings
Louise Jennings |