Black Friday Guide – Homepage & Landing Page

Black Friday is just around the corner. Have you prepared for it? See our recommendations for creating a Black Friday Landing Page, and for preparing your homepage in advance.

1 / Create a Black Friday Landing Page

A Black Friday landing page should be a high priority. Create it well in advance and use a simple URL, which can be useful for marketing. It should be the one-stop-shop for your Black Friday sale. Here are some tips on what to do on your landing page:

Your Landing Page should be permanent

If you make your landing page permanent and give it a url like you can gain excellent SEO results.

Offer a Newsletter Sign Up on your Landing Page

Include a newsletter signup form on the page for customers to be notified when the sale starts.

When the sale is over you can change the messaging to ‘Look out for Black Friday in 2020’ – subscribe here to be notified.

Add urgency by including a countdown clock

A countdown should be at the top of your landing page to remind users that the sale is for a limited time only.

Include Links to Categories

Your landing page should have plenty of product finding pathways to allow customers to find deals relevant to them.

Be consistent with promo artwork and design

Your landing page should feature the same artwork and design feel that’s used in your marketing campaign, such as newsletters and social banners.

Landing Page Examples

DID Electrical


2/ How to Effectively Promote Black Friday on your Homepage

Tips for Creating Hero Images or Slideshow Banners

We recommend creating a consistent set of banners for the homepage, using a similar motif, pattern or colour to link them all stylistically.

The homepage slideshow should announce the sale and feature your key art and then link to a Black Friday landing page.

Include Category Banners

Beneath the homepage slideshow, we recommend adding Black Friday specific category banners. These can link to deals within specific categories (eg: Black Friday deals on televisions’).