Fota Wildlife shortlisted for Golden Spider Award

Great to hear that Fota Wildlife Park was shortlisted for a Golden Spider in the category of Best Community & Charity website. To celebrate we’ve launched their brand new Membership and Adoption Process!

Fota Wildlife - Adopt an Animal

Firstly, warm congratulations to Fota Wildlife Park for getting shortlisted in the 2009 Golden Spider Awards. For those who don’t know what this is, the Golden Spider awards are the Irish internet industry’s answer to the Oscars. Competition for a Golden Spider is fierce, and Fota is in extremely good company in the Best Community & Charity Website category.

Fota Wildlife Park is a favourite destination in Cork. A wildlife park where the animals roam freely – the monkey island at Fota is one of the delights of a childhood in Cork.

Fota Wildlife has always had a loyal community of visitors and supporters who are members of the park and visit regularly or who like to support what the park does by adopting an animal for a year.

Membership makes a lovely gift, particularly for families with kids as it gives free access to the park for the year – and comes with all sorts of additional benefits including free access to Dublin Zoo.

Now on their new website, you can make use of the easy online process to become a member and to adopt an animal – and get your certificate and packages in the post. You can also purchase membership and adoption packages as gifts – Christmas presents anyone?!

Fingers crossed for the Golden Spider!