Emerald Green Baby: Selling Irish Baby Formula to Hong Kong

We get to work on lots of wonderful and challenging areas of ecommerce here in StudioForty9, but as a pure-play ecommerce site selling Infant Formula into Hong Kong, Emerald Green Baby is a new frontier for us.

The opportunity and challenge that EmeraldGreenBaby.com addresses is the fact that a safe, secure and trusted source of baby formula can be hard to come by in Hong Kong. As it happens Ireland produces 15% of the world’s infant milk and apparently this is set to double in next two years. This gives Emerald Green Baby a unique opportunity to supply a real need on the other side of the world from a high-quality source right here in Ireland. Because all baby formula manufactured in the EU must comply with guidelines laid out by the EU Scientific Committee on Food it gives parents in Hong Kong very solid reassurance that the infant formula they order onlline is nutritionally adequate and suitable for babies.

Surprisingly, the guys behind EmeraldGreenBaby.com can get trusted brands such as Cow & Gate, Aptamil and SMA from Ireland to Hong Kong in under 48 hours door-to-door. That’s impressively fast, when you think about the average delivery times for ecommerce sites door-to-door in Ireland. But I guess when you need baby formula, you need it pretty urgently 🙂

It’s great to see startups like this offering Irish products for export into countries like China. There’s no doubt that represents a serious challenge, but with a good product and a good offering addressing a real need – we think they have a strong chance of success and we’ll certainly be keeping an eye on their progress.

Gerard Keohane
Gerard Keohane |