Also known as the “elephant in the room” question, this is something I hear asked a fair amount.

Over the past year or so, it’s been nice to see that this has increasingly turned into “Can I make from my Adspend?”, “Can I make money online ?”, and recently “Can I make money online ”

Zahid Aslam recently put this question to me on Twitter:



He was referencing a story on the Irish Examiner which reported that sales on mobile broke the 50% barrier on mobile devices (smartphone and tablet – the headline is wrong) in the UK: Online sales through Smartphones breaks 50% barrier.

The report quoted the IMRG Capgemini Quarterly Benchmarking report detailing UK figures for Nov 2015 to Jan 2016 – here’s the important part:

Tablets accounted for 33% of sales, smartphones for 18% and desktop or laptop computers for 49%.

So that’s the UK, but what’s the outlook for Irish Ecommerce?

The Retail Excellence / StudioForty9 Irish Ecommerce Dashboard has been collecting ecommerce KPIs from 22 well-known Irish retailers for the past year.

In December the KPIs for the average retailer were as follows:

The interesting part is that smartphone and tablet together accounted for 48.4% of sales for the average Irish retailer in December 2015.

So the figures are lagging behind the UK’s 51% for November to January, but not by much.

The question was, what % of revenue do smartphones account for?

To establish this we would need to know the Average Order Value for an Irish Ecommerce site. Unfortunately, the Ecommerce Dashboard doesn’t collect this information – so I had to look elsewhere.

I surveyed ten of our own Ecommerce clients in no particular order. I examined the variance between devices for the Average Order Value for that business. The businesses ranged from traditional retail to pure play.

There was a wide range of variances, with one client seeing AOV worth  +27.7% on Desktop and others seeing AOVs worth -44.4% on mobile.


The average variance recorded between devices, for December 2015, are listed above. The 100% figure is the AOV across all devices, so desktop does 4.2% better than the AOV blended across desktop, mobile, and tablet.

We can see that while smartphone and tablet together account for 48.4% of transactions, the revenue generated is worth 7.31% less than the blended average order value across all devices.

Putting everything together we can produce the following table:


Okay – a quick disclaimer – this is not strictly scientific 🙂 – I’m using one set of results from the Ecommerce Dashboard and a different set from a survey of our own clients. The eagle eyed amongst you will note that the figures don’t strictly add up.

But I would like to think that it’s a very good indication of the actual state of affairs.

So the answer to Z’s question is that for Irish Retailers in December 2015 smartphones accounted for 23.8% of the revenue generated and All mobile accounted for 44.8% of the revenue generated.

Learn more about the Retail Excellence / StudioForty9 Irish Ecommerce Dashboard by contacting: David Campbell of Retail Excellence Ireland