Case Study: Tony Kealys Shopify Plus


1. General Information

Tony Kealy is a highly successful Irish retailer, they are the oldest and largest independent pram and nursery retailer in Ireland. Kealy’s have almost 50 years’ experience providing the best advice, service, and products to families in Ireland. They have four retail locations around Ireland and a warehouse in the UK to fulfill UK orders. Kealys are very experienced online having managed a very successful .com and Magento 1 site for several years. 

Current Platform: Shopify Plus
Previous Platform: Magento
Services Provided: Magento 1 Migration, Custom ERP / Ordorite Integration, Custom Spread Payments, Custom Product Bundling & Customisation, Script Editor
URLS: and

2. Client Challenges & Solutions

2.1 Migration From Magento 1 to a New Ecommerce Platform

Until August 2020 Tony Kealys online business was using Magento 1 as their Ecommerce platform. As Magento 1 became end of life on July 1st 2020 Kealys wanted to move their online business to a new platform.

Over a period of 18 months Tony Kealys and StudioForty9 began a series of consulting workshops, gap analyses, and attended several trade events in order to best plan the migration from Magento 1. 

In the end Tony Kealys decided to move to Shopify Plus due a number of factors including;

  • Price point 
  • Time to market
  • Feature set
  • Mobile responsiveness  
  • Ability for international growth
  • Ease of use 
2.2 ERP Integration to Ordorite across two Stores

Tony Kealys wanted a ‘complete’ integration to Ordorite to manage product information across two Shopify stores, inventory, pricing across two currencies, and detailed order processing, with order status updates and fulfilment updates from the ERP to Shopify Plus. 

While Ordorite had a custom integration to Magento2, this would be the first such major integration between Ordorite and Shopify. 

StudioForty9 worked extremely closely with both the Ordorite team and Tony Kealys team to fully scope, specify and implement this new ERP integration. 

2.3 Add Spread Payments Functionality

Tony Kealys wanted to add new payment options online for their customers. Many customers had been requesting means to use spread options.

StudioForty9, Kealys and Humm worked together to add this functionality to the new Tony Kealys Shopify Plus site.

2.4 Ensuring Product Customisation & Bundling was Possible on the New Platform

Tony Kealys offer a wide range of customisable bundle products. They needed to present these products in a user friendly way to allow customers to easily choose the parts and components of the product, select colors and materials according to their needs and taste. Based on this selection the product image changes based on their choices so they can see exactly what they’re buying. The Shopify platform with the use of a 3rd party app allowed them to achieve this.

2.5 Shipping Rates – Script Editor

As standard, Shopify strictly controls the countries listed for delivery, and the counties within them.  The country of Ireland contains a pre-set list of 26 counties, and the country United Kingdom doesn’t provide a county level breakdown at all. Coupled with the ‘closed source’ nature of the Shopify checkout, where code changes to the checkout are not possible. For Irish companies selling into the UK or with a UK-centric-site, this can present a number of issues:

  • Customers in Northern Ireland from selecting ‘Ireland’ as their shipping address as the six counties aren’t available when ‘United Kingdom’ is selected.
  • Customers in Northern Ireland typically cannot avail of ‘island of Ireland’ shipping rates, as they’re unable to correctly fill out their address when selecting the country ‘Ireland’.  Rather they’re charged the ‘International’ shipping rate for postage to the UK.
  • Shipping rates for ‘non-standard’ postal regions of the UK cannot be determined (eg. Highlands and Islands, Isle of Man, Channel Islands, etc.)

As a Shopify Plus store, Tony Kealys were able to avail of the ‘Script Editor’, which allows some code to be run on the checkout under specific circumstances. StudioForty9 created two scripts, one for the UK store and another for the Irish store.  Each script checked the details of the Shipping address and filtered the Shipping methods available to the customer.

In the briefest of terms, for the Irish store, this will only allow shipping to addresses for the United Kingdom if the postcode starts with ‘BT’.  For the UK store, the postcodes are interrogated and intra-UK regional shipping rates can be displayed (including rates for Northern Ireland).

3. Project Results

The migration and rebuild took in total 8 weeks to complete. Here are some of the unique items and features that were added to this new Shopify Plus store. 

  1. 2 storefronts and .com, 
  2. 2 default currencies Euro and GB Pounds bundles, Shopify plus, EPOS integration.
  3. Bespoke, fully-responsive website
  4. Complex automated bundle setup and order processing for bundled products
  5. Custom theme and UX (A big benefit of using StudioForty9 is that we are a self-sufficient agency with widespread expertise in development, UX Design, Digital Marketing, and Growth & Strategy)
  6. Custom and Complete ERP (Ordorite) integration 
  7. Custom Courier Integration for DPD
  8. Internationalisation
  9. Multi-store with stock synchronisation
  10. Make a payment page for once off payments and deposits
  11. Since moving to Shopify the site has experienced the following positive results in Google Analytics versus the same period in 2019 on Magento 1. 
    1. Revenue = Over 97% growth
    2. Conversion Rates = 31% growth
    3. Transactions = 106% growth

4. Testimonial

“We find StudioForty9 to be very knowledgeable, professional, approachable and trustworthy as partners. We have worked with many Ecommerce providers but Ger and his team take the time to challenge our opinions so that we get the best solutions. The quality of their development work is excellent and I would have no hesitation in recommending StudioForty9 as Ecommerce providers.”

Paul Kealy, Managing Director, Tony Kealys

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