Case Study: Dubarry of Ireland


General Information

  1. Current Platform: Magento
  2. Services Provided: Multisite Platform Build, Multiple Cross-Channel Sales Requirements, Deep ERP Integration, Design, Multiple Checkout Customisations


Dubarry of Ireland is 100% Irish-owned with a collection of premium performance footwear, clothing, leather goods, and accessories, established in 1937.

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Feature Case Study: Deep ERP Integration

We built a complex integration to Dubarry’s ERP system (Prima), and Delivery Management suite (Scurri), allowing them to inventory check and understand the shipping options from a number of distribution centers around Europe and in the US for their sites that target 11 territories globally.

  • Global brand with a number of regionalised international websites.
  • Postage rate calculations are unique to each region, as are couriers used, and all postage labels are centrally managed via order integration with Scurri.
  • Prima is aware of all pricing and discount rules within the website, so web sale prices are vetted before orders are sent for dispatch.
  • Close to real-time (updated by delta file every 15 minutes), stock data online for all international stores.

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