Case Study: Carrolls Irish Gifts


General Information

  1. Current Platform: Magento
  2. Services Provided: Design, EPOS Integration, Detailed Marketplace Integration, Detailed Logistics Integration and Automation


The Carrolls Irish Gifts website was originally built by another ecommerce agency. Ahead of Christmas 2015, the site was in some difficulty in particular in terms of its CPU usage which was causing the site to crash on a regular basis. We were contacted by the company to see if we could improve the situation, and the first piece of work we did was to stabilise the site and re-factor the caching approach, integration code, and marketplace code which was the cause of the continuous crashes. This work completely stabilised the site making downtime a thing of the past.

Having proved ourselves in this regard, Carrolls asked us to work on the site on an ongoing basis, and since then we have built very detailed EPOS integrations, marketplace integrations, logistics integrations, and a suite of automated rules saving the company very significant “man hours” and allowing them to scale efficiently for peak sales periods.

Feature Case Study: Rule-Based Automated Dispatch Processes

Carrolls Irish Gifts have a very high volume of sales coming through a wide number of channels and marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay globally as well as a number of busy sites. We worked with Carrolls to establish and implement a rule based automated dispatch process that shaved minutes off of every order fulfilment immediately saving the company many tens of thousands in labour costs and enabling them to scale for peak orders throughout the year.


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