Accelerated Ecommerce: Fight back against COVID-19

Retail is currently experiencing its most challenging time in a generation. The decision to close a physical store is incredibly difficult but it’s the reality facing us, and as of March 24th it has now been forced upon the majority of retailers.

No one can tell how long the restrictions COVID-19 pandemic will really last and so we are doing what we can to help offline retailers get online for the first time. Ecommerce will at least offer some ongoing connection to your customer base and will hopefully give a much needed source of revenue while your physical stores are closed or are getting back on their feet.  

Our Accelerated Ecommerce process is designed to be a simple but best practice approach to getting an ecommerce site delivered fast. We will be leveraging all of our experience and knowledge to achieve this, and have developed a complete process, with a templated approach and training, to get you trading online early and at a super affordable cost.

We also have a number of partners who have been in touch with discounts or free options for a variety of services that you might also need to help you on your way.

If you have any questions about this proposal, please do not hesitate to get in touch here.